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Helping you take the next step with confidence and ease

Mortgages can be intimidating - but they shouldn't be.  Demystifying the process with professional advice and guidance is the first step.

To do that we start by ensuring we understand your unique needs, wants, goals, and priorities as a client.  With that foundation we discuss various mortgage providers and products and how they are part of your personalized solution. 

We guide our clients not just through the mortgage transaction, but throughout the home ownership journey from your first purchase, to renewal and refinances, building property portfolios with rentals or a family cottage, and downsizing and reverse mortgages. 

Just as you change and grow in new directions at each stage of your life, your dreams and goals will be different and we can help you navigate every step.

You’re not in this alone – we’re here to ensure your journey is meaningful… because every day is a chance to change your life.

Our Mission

Build exceptional relationships to simplify the mortgage process by educating and empowering clients to make meaningful decisions throughout their home ownership journey.

Our Vision

In a world where profit so often comes first, we intentionally strive to conduct purpose driven business, rather than a business-driven purpose. 

What does that mean?

It means we don’t just start with our core values, we carry them throughout every engagement with clients, mortgage providers, colleagues, and other financial industry professionals.  You will find us working with compassion, honesty, integrity, and acceptance as we cultivate a culture of education.  We look forward to growing our collective of professionals to ensure we continue guide and empower as many home owners as possible. 

Mortgages shouldn’t be mysterious, complex, frustrating or burdensome. 
For us, it truly is all about a future of Meaningful Mortgages.

Our History

Over the last 20 years I’ve worked in many settings – from consumer lending and insurance to customer experience and support and not-for-profit charities delivering programs and social support.  I have been blessed to learn from incredible mentors and heartbroken to see the impacts of prioritizing profit over people.

I’ve returned to the mortgage industry with a wealth of experience that has taught me an important lesson: you don’t know what you don’t know.  This drives my lifelong love of learning.

More importantly, as a Mortgage Broker it is at the core of my purpose.  Clients can’t make informed decisions if they don’t first know what they need to know.  I make it my business to make my business all about empowering clients and helping them understand what they need to know so they can make informed decisions for their future.

Our team of

As we grow our team, we are always looking to work with mortgage agents and brokers who share our values, mission, and vision.  Our partners across the industry who offer complimentary services to our clients are also aligned with our purpose.

Who is Chantal?

About Me

First and foremost, I’m a single mom of two amazing boys. One teenager still in high school (yikes!) and the other a college freshman studying at Fleming in the Pre-Service Firefighter program. For me, family comes first, and that conviction drives my purpose along with my love of lifelong learning. In my family life I’ve had ups and downs, from marriage and the arrival of my children, to divorce, the death of my mother, and my father’s recent marriage to my amazing bonus mom.


Undeniably, birth, death, divorce, and moving are some of the most stressful times families face. Throughout the last twenty five years I’ve had the pleasure of working with some really amazing professionals, at the most joyous and difficult times in my life, and their support made all the difference. By starting with honesty and respect we built relationships based on trust that developed into lifelong friendships. 

As a Mortgage Broker, I bring those same strengths combined with compassion, skill, knowledge, and professionalism to each and every client I have the privilege to work with.

You aren't a number and your mortgage isn't just a file - you are a unique, special, and amazing person and your house is your home.  You deserve a Meaningful Mortgage!

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